“Having hunted in numerous Canadian provinces I was looking forward to hunting in the moose rich province of Newfoundland.  In 2021 I was lucky enough to have had the chance to hunt with Barry and Sonya Samms for moose from their fly in camp in northern Newfoundland.  From the first contact with Barry he was open and up front with what you would expect to experience on a hunt with him.  True to the name “Off the Grid” his camp is located 1/2 hour flight away from any road systems and any other hunting groups.  My guide was able to put me on moose from the first night of the hunt and after seeing 5 mature bulls in the first 2 days I was successful in harvesting a mature bull. From the first night my guide stressed it would be up to me to decide if any bull called in would be harvested. It was refreshing not to have the pressure to harvest an animal but rather to enjoy the experience.

Being remote does not mean that the cabin or meals were anything than first rate. For anyone looking to book a remote moose camp hunt. I would highly recommend Off the Grid Adventure.

I fully enjoyed my hunt and time with Barry and Sonya and hope to return in the near future.” ~ Jim Sullivan -2021  Hunt

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